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LEVEL I BUNDLE   (Only $1,499)

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Embark on Your Real Estate Journey:  Kickstart your path to becoming a prominent real estate developer with Strather Academy's essential course bundle which includes montly Group Coaching!

Designed for both aspiring and experienced investors, this package offers expert-led teachings and practical experiences that prepare you to build a robust real estate portfolio.  Start transforming ambition into achievement immediately!

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After paying in full for the the Acquisitions and Development class, students can remain "Engaged" with Full School Access, Networking and Deal Making with a $100 Monthly subscription or a $1000  Annual Subscription!

Subscribe Annually for $1,000, and Save $200!
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My personal experience was nothing short of phenomenal during the Strather Academy class and has only improved since. Herb Strather absolutely demands a lot of you; he expects you to put forth 110% and he gives you nothing that you haven't earned......and it’s all because he unequivocally knows what it takes to win at real estate!

 I am immeasurably thankful to Herb Strather and the team at Strather Academy for providing me the foundation, ongoing support and access which can best be described as Life Changing. To anyone who reads your instincts and know that “the time is right.”

“I can’t say enough about the quality and integrity of Herb Strather and Strather Academy personnel. Herb is a professor to the professionals!”
I am a retired Doctor and entrepreneur from Europe, And now I am an excited participant in the Strather Academy Acquisition and Development Course.

From day one of my enrollment at Strather Academy, I was impressed and never disappointed. Herb Strather is a consummate professional who holds back nothing in imparting his years of real estate knowledge, which he delivers to you in an Academy Award winning style. Herb and his team helps each student set their own goals and then he gives you the knowledge and tools to achieve and surpass your goals.
“I most highly recommend Strather Academy to anyone wishing to succeed beyond your wildest dreams in real estate!”
dr. otto