stay engaged with the movers, shakers and deal makers!

"The Round Table" 

After paying in full for the the Acquisitions and Development class, students can remain "Engaged" with Full Course Access, Networking and the live weekly Deal Making Roundtable on Zoom.  SA "Engage" is a  monthly subscription dedicated to assisting students in building their Real Estate Investing Portfolio!
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What's included?

SA Engage is a monthly subscription service that gives you access to ongoing education, resources, tools, and opportunities.

By continuing to be connected with Strather Academy, you are more likely to continue building your real estate Investment portfolio. 

The Acquisitions Roundtable

The Roundtable is an advanced, fast-paced, live online Zoom class that's centered around Deal Making!  The class focus is on 80% closing Real Estate Transactions and 20% Hand- On Learning experience.  Mr. Herb Strather simplifies complicated real estate methods and makes closing deals exciting and fun!

Coaching Assistance

Unlock the mystery to closing more Deals!  Subscribers will receive a dedicated coach that will assist them with the purchase of their real estate deals.  Coaches work directly with Mr. Herb Strather who oversees and signs off on all Deals!

Deal Structuring Assistance

Subscribers receive assistance in the best strategies on how to structure their deals.  An example of optimizing deal structuring could include buying properties without using your own money.  

Financing Assistance

Each student receives ongoing financial support to help them secure real estate investing capital and/or credit lines of up to $500k.   Subscribers have access to a variety of lenders and financing options.  

Credit Repair Services

Strather Academy is in partnership with RCA Credit.   We offer a  1-year credit repair, enhancement and educational program designed to prepare you to meet financial institution lending criteria.  The cost of this service is additional and not covered in SA "Engage."  Contact Robin for details!

No Long-Term Commitment

After completing the Acquisitions & Development class, students are eligible to subscribe to SA 'Engage."   There is no long-term commitment.  Subscribers can cancel subscription prior to the next month's subscription billing period.