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Meet the CEO

Herb Strather

Herbert J. Strather is not just a name in real estate; he's a pillar of community development and a testament to overcoming adversity. Born and raised in Detroit, Herb turned challenges into steppingstones, transforming from a stuttering youth with academic struggles to the class president of Western High School while working full-time in a GM plant. By age 18, Herb was already a homeowner, using innovative strategies that later defined his career. At 19, he joined Bowers Realty and quickly became Detroit's number one listing agent. By 23, he had founded Strather & Associates, growing it into a powerhouse that acquired 1,000 apartment units by the time he was 27. Herb's passion for community uplift is evident through his creation of The Breakfast Optimist Club of Detroit and the Optimist Youth Foundation, which has awarded over 3,500 scholarships. A true innovator, while completing over $2 billion in income property transactions without using his own money, Herb spearheaded major projects such as the national award-winning development of Woodbridge Estates and the development of Motor City Casino, creating significant economic impact and 66 millionaires. His leadership has been recognized with multiple Realtor of the Year awards, and he continues to shape futures through his role at Strather Academy and his philanthropic efforts, including the creation of STEAM centers in Detroit. Herb Strather isn't just developing properties; he's crafting a legacy of empowerment and community enrichment.
Patrick Jones - Course author